Normally I avoid staying at hostels at all cost. It was until I found this place – Denali Mountain Morning Hostel & Cabins. While travelling in Alaska my route had some last minute changes, and I needed a place to stay. It was the beginning of September, which is considered the high season for all National Parks in Alaska (everything is closing mid-September). Trying to find a place near Denali Park was just like trying to jump in to the last wagon of a leaving train. During that time prices for the hotels and lodges are outrages. Not to mention that everything is overbooked. And then I found this hostel. Skeptical at first, but I fell in love later. Here are the reasons why.


  1. Located within a short 10-15 min drive from the park entrance. Keep in mind that distances in Alaskan back country are not comparable with your average urban area. Here you have to cover some ground to get to most places.h10.JPG
  2. Hostel offers a free shuttle to the park entrance. Some people don’t rent a car because of the Rail Road which goes through the park. Denali is conveniently located in between two main cities, Fairbanks and Anchorage. Most of the tourists prefer to explore the scenic route by train.h9.JPGtrainLOGO
  3. Denali Mountain Morning Hostel offers many types of lodging. From shared and private rooms to an entire cabin. in my opinion, the most unique and adventures way to enjoy your stay is to book a tent. Yes, a real camping tent! There are many camp fire places nearby for you to truly go Alaskan all the way! Also, these tents are places in the most beautiful part of the property, right by the river. How does waking up to a sound of running river water sound to you?h1.JPG
  4. Due to the rural setting and elevation it is one of the best places to see Aurora Lights. Something you must see when visiting Alaska. Keep in mind that the Northern Lights are only seen during the colder months (you won’t be able to see any during the white nights). However, starting August – September is dark enough to see this Nature’s show.h7.JPG
  5. If you are a budget traveler you will sure appreciate the free breakfast hostel offers. Along with free Wi-Fi, parking, and access to the kitchen if you’d like to cook. Although there is a lovely eatery right across from the hostel offering Home style food.


After all, if your goal is to stretch your money longer and still enjoy your stay, this is the place. Very unique, exceptionally clean, and perfectly located. I am pretty positive that I found the best hostel in Alaska.