Adventures of TravelBlond


BlogTravelBlondHello everyone! I have a confession to make. My name is Yulia and I am a Travelholic. I am obsessively addicted to exploring the world. I sell my stuff, and spend all my money for trips. I measure everything in travel costs. But I wasn’t always like this. I used to live a normal life like everyone else. I had a great job, graduated from University and lived in fabulous Moscow City. This was until the moment I realized that the future I’ve been building was nothing more than a sand castle. It wasn’t what I wanted. It was what society expected me to do. I was sitting in the subway on my way from work and thinking about life. The moment it all came clear was so overwhelming that I got off at the next stop to catch some fresh air. It was a cold snowy January evening. Snowflakes were landing on my face while I was smiling, as if I had lost my mind. A few weeks later I was holding a one-way ticket across the globe to California. I studied, I learned English, I did plenty of odd jobs, and began my travels! My home base is still here in California, but I continuously travel and explore new places. Don’t be afraid of your dreams! Be happy! Travel the world!  If you share my passion or simply want to learn something new I would be happy to share the stories of my journey with you.

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